LOSE 7LBS IN 7 DAYS?? Cambridge Bootcamps ;-)

Hellllooooooo and welcome to my NEW blog! 🙂 I have been chosen as Cambridge’s Jamie Oliver food ambassador, and as a result I am making it my mission to get CAMBRIDGE HEALTHY!!! I work with literally 100’s of women, mainly in Cambridge, but with the online training I now offer we have women from all over the UK getting healthy 🙂

THESE women have had amazing success and the beauty of is that you can do the workouts at home in your own time, and they are only 15 mins long!

Take Sadia, this is her before and after photo from the end of Jan to the end of Feb..




All she has done is change her eating habits, start exercising for 15 minutes a day, and take care of her HEALTH. Cutting out wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and drinking water is all Sadia has done, and she feels 100% better for it.

Cambridge Bootcamps runs online training, AND normal bootcamp sessions 3 x a week at 4 different locations. As a result, we are offering a new plan to allow you to trial our normal CBC locations..

This is called our #777 program.  YOU sign up for our 777 deal for £7 by paying HERE – we will put you in a secret Facebook group, and give you either a 7 day meat meal plan, or a 7 day vegetarian meal plan. You have the option to attend one of our CBC locations during the week of the 11th March 2013, OR if you are not in Cambridge, I will give you 3 workouts to do at home during the 7 days, if you just want to kick start to a new HEALTHY you 😀

Have a look at some of the photo’s of the lovely meals as blogged by our very own super coach Laura Banks  (Histon bootcamp)

Our very own Journey Girl Abs has been following the 777 plan… Just check out her transformation since Jan’13






This is what her partner had to say about our Turkey Mince wraps…..

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 19.21.08

This was the dish…. NOM NOM… #cleaneating #health #family



So if this has wet your appetite, these are your options:

1. Our #TribeCBC online bootcamp starts THIS Monday the 4th March’13 – You will get access to both our 7 day meal plan, our E-recipe book, 15 min workouts to do at home 6 days a week, and an immensely successful secret Facebook group. You can sign up HERE 😀

2. Sign up for our 777 plan, and you will gain access to a secret Facebook group, the detox plan will commence on the 11th March, (although there are already people signed up and in the group 😉 – You can either take advantage of the 3 CBC trials, OR just workout at home with the 3 workouts included. The choice is yours 🙂 You can sign up for that HERE

I look forward to helping you start your journey towards a Healthier new YOU 🙂

Much love,

Charlie Wall



Morning all, as always I do want to write a long + thoughtful blog post but time being what it is these days, it’s terribly HARD to fit everything in! I am a self-employed single muma (for those of you that didn’t know) and I run Cambridge Bootcamps by myself with help from amazing female trainers (Laura Banks + Sammy Eggar + Sharon Roberts)

I absolutely LOVE exercise, and do my best to make sure all our #CBC ladies get amazing work-outs every week, and access to all the latest Nutritional expert advice. Last year my exercise regime suffered hugely as it was a TOUGH year, so this year my objective has been to schedule that into my diary for ME. I won’t lie, it is incredibly hard to fit everything in, and on top of that be the best mum that I can be to my son Zak, who is nearly 13!! (eeeek, a teenager is looming on the horizon!)   I have been giving this a lot of thought recently, as my time whilst building this business seems to have been taken by various people, courses, learning, staying sane, worrying about financial security, being the focus of ‘haters’, staying ahead of the game, staying happy! I hadn’t realised that relationships with family members (namely my precious sister) had suffered. She said to me not so long ago, that she had given up expecting me to call (she lives in Edinburgh, I am in Cambridge) and it really hit me like a tonne of bricks to my heart! If my own sister had been feeling ‘shut out’, how had my son been feeling… He is an only child, and I think I may have been taking it for granted that as we are in the same house, he knows I am ‘here’.. hmmm….

I started this business when he was just 4 years old.. He is now 12. He is growing up incredibly fast, and they have technology at their disposal that I never had at that age. These days I find that I have lost him to the dark depths of his bedroom, the playstation, and his blackberry :/   However luckily for me, due to the nature of my job (it DOES have it’s advantages :)) I have links with local fitness peeps. One of those being the Crossfit Boxes (that I have blogged about recently)

The Cambridgeshire Crossfit box is relatively new, and has been set up by 3 lads called Lee Carder, Phil Wells, and James Wilkinson. This week being half-term, they very kindly let me take Zak along to train with me, and HE LOVED IT!!! Not only loved it, he wanted to go back and train again 🙂  Zak and I have in the past trained at home, i’ve taught him pull-ups, press-ups, ball slams, but I always seem to be competing with either the distractions of my job, domestic duties OR his mates, playstation, bedroom 😉  Lee, allowing us to train together has given us a new and fun way of being together on an equal level with no distractions! We’ve had a BALL this week, and it’s given us a real connection to share as he grows into his teenage self.

Zak+I training

It is so important to me to be a good role model to him – my fear is that this hasn’t happened in the past – however this may just be my sabotaging black voice that is always ready to believe the negative. I do know he see’s me train regularly, he see’s me help women in my job, encourage healthy home made cooking, discourage sweets, fizzy pop, and I have a very strong work ethic. But how does one ever know how your child views you? If I ask him, he just shrugs his shoulders, says “I dunno” with a grunt, and moves away haha! I suspect this grunting will get marginally worse as the full impact of teenage years hit!

SO, I am going to continue to train with him when I can at the CF cambridgeshire box. Lee has suggested that he start a class for teenagers which I am completely and 100% behind. Zak himself is already growing in confidence, especially as he beat me yesterday on the EMON (Every minute on the minute) ascending Burpee ladder – Yes this is as bad as it sounds…  Every minute, we added 2 burpees, so say for the first minute we completed 2 burpees, then the second minute we completed 4 burpees and so on.  Zak got to 18!! I got to 16 before collapsing in a heap on the floor!


My aim is for him to grow into the man he is supposed to be with confidence + integrity. My aim for me is to make time for him, my family, and MYSELF, staying strong.

Being STRONG has many connotations, when I talk about my CBC WOMEN being STRONG, I mean that they have a strong mentality + determination to make more of themselves. Strong are my women who make time to workout at Bootcamp, keeping the plates spinning for their families; perceive that they maybe the least fit, but show up at every session determined to be better than they were yesterday; choosing to be a better role model for their friends or children; choosing to drink water instead of wine.  Strong comes in every conceivable size, shape and colour.

I am strong for my son, I now make time for my sister, I will continue to train with my son, and make the right choices for me.


Thanks for listening 🙂


Charlie xxx


ps. As a side note, the CFcambridge gym will be holding a ladies only class run by ME on a Thursday evening at 6.30pm. You can book via their website.  IF you want to try out any of our bootcamp locations, you only have to shout me at cambridgebootcamps@gmail.com and you could make a choice to be strong  too;)


Me+my boy x



Hey guys, I hope this letter finds you well – I am happy we have finally had some sunshine today!! 😀

Firstly I want to apologise for the last letter as I was made aware the the Intermediate Kettlebell course link did not work!! #blonde! The date has been changed to Sunday the 3rd March, and it will be held at the Frank Lee centre at Addenbrookes.  The link for that workshop is here 🙂
Following the advertising of this workshop I was asked to do a Beginners Kettlebellworkshop, so I have organised this for Saturday the 9th Feb between 1-3pm, The Facebook event is HERE –>  http://www.facebook.com/events/155361354613423/  The venue is the Queens College Sports Ground, Barton rd, Cambridge. Cost £25.  If you are NOT on facebook, but would be interested in coming along please email me at CambridgeBootcamps@gmail.com ref KB and I will answer any questions that you may have.
CrossFit update ! -> As some of you may remember I have been in talks with the Cambridgeshire Crossfit boys about offering a female only crossfit class at their unit.  We aim to start this in a couple of weeks, and this will run on THURSDAYS at 6.30pm There is no sign up fee, but a PAYG price of £10 (unless of course you are already a member there) If you have any queries about this class, please contact the boys via their website–  This will start on THURSDAY 21st FEB 2013
We are now coming to the end of the current block, and start our block TWO next Monday for both the normal cambridge bootcamp #CBC locations, and the online #TribeCBC bootcamp. As always the camaraderie in both the normal cbc AND the online training has been phenomenal! The results are coming in now for the online camps, and the inches are coming off these amazing women. This has been perfect for those busy women who cannot make our normal locations, and we have women from all over the UK taking part. 

If you are interested in our online training program, the cost for the first month is £57 (21 days) and they run monthly. Cost after the first block is £30. I will need you set up for this by Friday the 1st Feb at the latest if possible. Link for payment is HERE –> http://cambridgebootcamps.co.uk/tribe-online-training/
If you are keen to come along to one of our CBC locations, everyone is welcome to oneFREE trial at a time that suits them – I would advise coming along this week, before we commence block 2 next Monday. Payment can be made for our #CBC camps HERE –> http://cambridgebootcamps.co.uk/camps/
#CBC #TribeCBC before/after photo ⬆  🙂
For any questions, please email me cambridgebootcamps@gmail.com
Much love,
Charlie x



I hope you are having a fab January, despite the freezing weather – our girls have been out there all this week in the freeeeeeeezation – love the STRONG determined amazing women 🙂
This is only a short HELLO, just to say that we have organised for James Breese from KettlebellFever to come to Cambridge again to run a follow on Kettlebell workshop to us here at #CBC and #TribeCBC – This time we will be exploring Kettlebell moves further so will be for Intermediate levels.  You can have a look at the details HERE!  including all the lovely pictures from our last work-shop 🙂 The work-shop is inviting both women + men.

If you would like to book your place please go to the link above ⇧ Most women pack their exercise routine with cardio, cardio + more cardio, however research has shown that we need to add at least 2 days of full body or high intensity muscle strengthening, which Kettlebells are GREAT for, especially in women as they help to build lean muscle. Having more lean muscle tissue means that we burn more calories whilst sitting still 😉 RESULT!
James and I hope to see you there.
Take care,

If I can do it YOU can do it #CambridgeBootcamps

Hello guys, I was chatting to someone in a meeting yesterday about the possibility of offering women’s only CrossFit sessions in local gyms in Cambridge and realised whilst I was talking that people may not know about my own journey into fitness.  So many women may feel scared and intimidated by coming along to one of our Cambridge Bootcamp locations, but we all start somewhere, and if I can do it then anyone can!

When I was 32 I got divorced un amicably  – I had not at this point exercised for MANY years! The thought of it hadn’t even entered into my mixed up head. That all changed the moment I stepped into a local gym. I had been told by certain negative people, that there was NO WAY I could join a gym, NO WAY I could ever get fit, NO WAY could I afford it… yadayada, so I thought B******s to you, and joined. I still to this day have NO idea what made me start running, as anyone who knows me knows I DESPISE running – but like all gyms, all the ladies were on the cardio machines, and all the chaps were flexing their biceps in the weights room, so in my naivety I thought running on the treadmill would be the answer to my problems. Which IN FACT it was at that time. I used to run and run on that treadmill pretending that I was running on *his* head 😉  Don’t get me wrong, I ran SLOWLY to begin with, for about 1 minute, then got off and nearly died haha!  I used to add one minute at a time every time I got on, which in the end added up to around 40 minutes of running.  It was at this point that I decided to enter into my first Race for Life event in Cambridge.. I had never done anything like that before, but I set myself the goal and just kept running. The date was set for 2nd July 2005.  This date had HUGE meaning for me as it is the anniversary of my brothers death, and for the 12 years previous to that, I had got spectacularly drunk on every anniversary (and not JUST the anniversaries)

This would be the FIRST time I did something POSITIVE on my significant day, and I did complete it!! I ran as fast as I could for that 5K and I believe my time was around 23 minutes.. My Dad and  young son were waiting for me at the end of the event and I just cried and cried when I finished. I couldn’t believe I had actually achieved something WORTHWHILE + POSITIVE! I was no longer using my sadness to abuse myself, but using it to push me forwards…

That same year, finishing that 5k gave me the strength to quit my Nursing job, and begin my PT course —>  Fast forward to today, and I am 40 and fitter+stronger that I have ever been in my life.  I have a GREAT job, and in 2012 my team and I TOOK THE RACE FOR LIFE  warm-up in front of around 8000 women!!!  Who would have thought  that just 6 years ago, I was nervously standing with those same women waiting to run the first race of my life, and bouncing along to the warm-up on my own!



It just goes to show you, that if I can do this, then you can DEFINITELY make small but hugely important changes to your life IF YOU WANT TO! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot do something, don’t listen to those negative voices in your own head telling you that you can’t do something!  We are all capable of amazing things, even if we start small at least we are STARTING!!!


If you want any information about how to start with CAMBRIDGE BOOTCAMPS, check out our NEW website HERE

We offer #CBC locations in and around Cambridge, PLUS we now offer an ONLINE BC #TribeCBC all of which starts TOMORROW!  Maybe this time next year YOU can be in a completely different place patting yourself on the back for taking care of YOU 😀

Take good care,

Charlie x



Are YOU running the #Cambridge-Half 2013?

HELLO ladies, as we draw nearer to the re-launch of our 2013 Cambridge Bootcamps, we have some exciting news!  We became aware that many of you were running the Cambridge Half this March. Lots of our lovely ladies have asked us to provide a running plan for them… SO, we figured we would offer this to everyone who signed up for a commitment to us of either 3 or 6 months..  Last year was the first time I had ever run that far (I am no runner ;)) and even though I did complete it I have to say that I learnt a lot about training for it.  Two of our coaches Laura + Sammy are extremely competent runners, with Laura running over 69 miles in THREE DAYS last year!! I absolutely know you will be in good hands!  We have a specific running group on Facebook if bootcamp is not for you, which can be found here….

This is what CBC are offering at the moment to celebrate 2013 and our new website
1.  All CBC locations
  • Parkers Piece 6.15 – 7am M/W/F
  • Histon Rd Rec 6.15 – 7am T/T/F
  • Histon rd Rec (#specials) 9.30 – 10.15am T/F
  • Cherry Hinton 6.15 – 7pm M/W/F
  • Histon 6.15 – 7pm M/T/T
IF you sign up for 3 or 6 months you will get a FREE t-shirt AND access to our FREE Running plan to get you in gear for the Cambridge Half. We have a BRAND NEW NUTRITION PLAN, which is easy to read + follow. Interactive support groups for each of the CBC camps. DISCOUNT key fob for our lovely affiliate companies in Cambridge. All 6 monthers get our Saturday SHRED session FREE (Normally £10 to everyone)
2. #TribeCBC
An online Bootcamp which can be accessed from anywhere. You will have access to me, 15 minutes work-outs a day to do at home 6 days a week, which you do NOT need equipment for. Access to the NEW Nutritional plan, and our Recipe E-Book. Private Facebook group for instructions + support. Access to the 3 month running plan if you wish. PERFECT for new Mums who have no time to workout outside of the home 😉
Sign ups for the ONLINE program can be done via the following link #TRIBECBC
SIGN UP’s for our #CBC locations can be found here #CBC
This is what Jane our new MUM had to say about her #TribeCBC experience ..


Look forward to working with you soon 🙂
Charlie Wall


Happy New Year to you amazing lot!! Thanks to all who supported us at Cambridge Bootcamps in 2012 😀 We have had ups+downs this year, but in the main, the Camps and all the members have become incredibly close. 

Our achievements in 2012

  • Raising over £800 for Headway Cambridgeshire
  • Lots of the women completed the Cambridge Half Marathon
  • Many more completed the Spartan Race


  • The Netball team having started at the very beginning began winning their matches and got to the top of their league.
  • Raising nearly £900 for the Arthur Rank Hospice charity



  • 4 amazing CBC ladies ran a relay race at the new Olympic Stadium 




  • We took the Race for Life warm up on Parkers Piece in front of 8000 women 😉
  • We were all Superwomen for the day! 😀  (One of the highlights of my year was seeing Batman cycling across Parkers Piece at 6am in the morning teehehehe)



To all the ladies who have worked with us this year.. THANK YOU!!! You have all been amazing, and our results (and smiles) speak for themselves 😀


We have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!!! –>   CBC


Our new January 2013 blocks begin next Monday the 7th January. We are capping the numbers at 20 per location ->



HISTON RD REC 6.15-7am T/T/F

HISTON RD REC #specials 9.30-10.15am T/F




You can sign up via our website here -> http://cambridgebootcamps.co.uk/camps/


If however you are unable to make one of current times / locations we have a BRAND NEW ONLINE BOOTCAMP! We ran our first one before Christmas and it was a HUGE success. Lots of busy ladies, new mums and women from around the UK took part in the 21 day online BC. We gave them 15 minutes work-outs to do at home which you do not need equipment for as there are options to use Bodyweight or Kettlebells.  The cost is just £57 for the 21 days, and these will run continually every month for 3 weeks, with 1 week break in between. Have a read of Alicia’s testimonial…. 





Here is her gorgeous transformation photo…


ImageHere is another photo 🙂


ImageThese results are in just 21 days, so just think what you could achieve if you made exercise an integral part of your daily routine 🙂


If you have any queries or questions please do give me a ring on 07545284928 and I will do my best to answer them. We have women of all ages and abilities on all the camps, and online groups, so you would be very welcome. 


You are welcome to come along for a free trial at any time to any of the current CBC locations.


Happy new year ladies, I hope 2013 is filled with love, laughter, health and happiness 🙂


Charlie x






Since qualifying for my CrossFit Level 1 in 2011 my dream was to open my own box, however sadly this never materialised – BUT now two box’s have opened up in Cambridge which is just fantastic!! 😀

Two of my friends Duncan Bolt and Dino Sperling opened their box around 8 weeks ago near the Milton Tesco’s – Both boys are highly qualified Personal Trainers, gifted at Rugby and just, well, jolly nice boys 😉

HOWEVER, many of the women I work with do not want to work out with men – (No offence to Dunc + Dino) it’s just the way it is for some ladies, hence why the Tribe CBC team works so well being a ladies only out-fit – (Cambridge Bootcamps)


Much of my inspiration for writing all the workouts for the CBC Bootcamps, and the new online Bootcamp #TribeCBC comes from CrossFit, as do our Saturday Shred sessions (Every other saturday) so we certainly know how to work HARD + encourage lifting HEAVY THINGS 🙂


Please do not let this intimidate you though.. we have SO MANY women who phone us up and say that they are scared, frightened, intimidated, what if I am too old, what if I am too fat, what if I am too slow..  I would just like to say that we ALL start somewhere, and every single one of the women who has trained with us started at the beginning, and continue to grow in strength and belief!

We ENCOURAGE  you, we have your back, we support, believe and confide in you – we make you believe anything is possible – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE 🙂

There are many things we offer at CBC .. One being the BOOTCAMPS outside at one of our 5 locations around Cambridge, the second being the new online training – offering HUGE support and 15 min work-outs 6 days a week, and the third are our SuperWomanSundays..


SO, if CrossFit or Kettlebells or just meeting all our amazing members is something that interests you and you want to give yourself a Christmas present, we are putting on 3 2 hour events over the festive period. These will be held on all the Sundays of this year starting from the 16th December 2012 at the Cambridge CrossFit Box at Milton – The Facebook Event can be found here –> http://www.facebook.com/events/138009289683427/

Sessions will take place between 11am – 1pm  ~ The first 50 mins will be Kettlebell Technique and a workout, the second 50 mins will be a CrossFit inspired workout with some technique thrown in.

DATES – Sundays the 16th/ 23rd/ 30th December 2012.

This is a LADIES ONLY event – Female Strength – We want to be STRONG not SKINNY!

Cost = £25 for a day, OR £60 for all 3.

Payments can be made via Paypal to cambridgebootcamps@gmail.com with your chosen date to train on there.

Information can also be gained from that email address Ref CF/Xmas

The new CBC camps re-start on the 7th January, with ONE FREE session available to any new women.

The ONLINE #TribeCBC group will continue after the new year – we are already getting AMAZING results after just 10 days!!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 08.22.45

Hope to meet you all there, take good care!!

Charlie x



The GOOD, the BAD, + the UGLY!

I have been very quiet on my own blog for some months now, but the sun is finally shining today, and I have many words swimming around in my head, so i thought I would finally bite the bullet and write them down.

It is now June, and this year has been a roller coaster of emotions, experiences, laughter and tears, both personally and professionally.

I’ll start with the ‘Bad’ — > In March of this year I was struck down with a nasty virus that completely wiped me out, missing 3 weeks of work, made me miss running at the Olympic stadium with the Cambridge Bootcamp ladies, my 40th was a wash out, and my training took a massive node dive, as did my confidence. On the plus side, one of my 1-2-1 + bootcamp clients ran in my place, and these ladies did us all very proud here in Cambridge. A lot of the bootcamps girls especially Katie Huane have raised huge amounts of money for the Gold Challenge and the Arthur Rank house in particular, so not all bad 😉

The ‘ugly’ –> This is more difficult to express, but suffice to say that I have experienced such ugliness from people this year, that it knocked me for six. People I thought were good friends have shown themselves to be nothing more than spiteful vindictive ‘ugly’ people. Some of my friends and family know what happened, most of you do not. I always believe in my friends 150% which may be seen as fault, and believe me I have had to do a tremendous amount of soul searching over this one — Was it me? What did I do to bring this on? How could I have seen this coming? I became insular and self critical over that period, but over time, + with support  (+ loyalty) from GREAT people, and, knowing that one day, the truth may out, I am moving forward.  The truth is starting to out for some, which I thought may give me comfort, but actually I am just very sad that this happened in the first place.  I have learnt through this experience that we MUST keep moving forward, not dwell on the past, not focus on the thing or person making you sad, as this just feeds the energy  and leads to more sadness.

I can safely say that this episode is over, and whilst these ugly people still feel that can throw shit at me, I am no longer allowing this to affect me, my work or my family. Don’t ever give negative toxic people your head space – It will bring you down to their level, and there will always be people who want to bring you down, including our own inner voices. You have to use that inner voice to your favour, take action and empower yourself. It took me a while to learn this, but I am a work in progress 😉

The ‘GOOD!’ –> So much AMAZING stuff has happened this year and I am extremely proud of it –  I ran my first half marathon raising over £300 for Cancer Research – I am not a person who likes running particularly so this was a challenge in itself!

I turned 40!!! (That’s GOT to be an achievement!)

I have been privileged enough to train and work with some of the world’s leading Kettlebell coaches including Lauren Brooks, Mike Mahler, CJ Swaby, + James Breese. Through learning from these guys, I now have a goal to become RKC qualified next year (level 1) ~ These guys have all been truly inspirational, passionate, supportive, helpful and shown me a different way of being. Open minded, positive, soulful ~ in a world full of energy vampires, these guys alone have proved that you DON”T have to be like that in this industry.

I have loved every minute of this networking + training, so much so, that via Twitter, I met another amazing PT called Lizzie Wall (no relation, but a kindred spirit)  Together we have set up the blog  SWINGSISTA   The idea being that we post Kettlebell work-outs daily (WOD) which anyone can do. This has spread very quickly on Twitter (hash tag swingsista) and we have created an army of women who have embraced the warrior woman vibe (POSITIVITY, TRAINING, HEALTH)  So much so, that Mike Mahler has put a link to my website Purple Fitness on HIS website!!!  (SWOON!!)

I met Mike yesterday at a training weekend they have going on (for the second time). He spoke about Hormone optimisation, and I could have literally listened to him ALL DAY!!  If this is something that interests you, he has a  book out called ‘Live Life Aggressively’ which is just a phenomenal read. He spoke about how as humans if we are holding onto emotional trauma, no amount of training or clean nutrition is going to work as we will have a dark cloud that dictates decisions that we make in our lives. Whether or not you agree with this, I can definitely relate to it. I am aware that I carry my brothers death, and fathers disability around with me (amongst other things) I often feel anger, sadness, resentment, a feeling that ‘something’ is missing even when I am training well or eating right. So, when Mike was speaking yesterday much of what he said really hit home to me, so that is my next plan –> work on ME!! Live in the moment, not the past. Life doesn’t have to be scripted, we don’t have to keep making the same mistakes over and over ~ we do have the power within us to change things if thats what we really want.